Minecraft Monday

Minecraft Monday is a feature showcasing my playthroughs of Minecraft, including showing architectural projects, "found" storylines, and general news and updates.

#1: Minecraft Monday

I know, I know - I've done a post about my immense love for Minecraft before. However, as of this day - a couple of days after Minecon, when Minecraft 1.0 was finally released - I've decided to make a regular feature of new minecraft updates, and my exploits, creations, joys, and frustrations therewith. This is partially inspired by Gaygamer's Minecraft Monday articles, where we would be treated to some snazzy Minecraft creations and updates, as well as visits to two Minecraft servers, "Sigil" and "The Redfields". Unfortunately, the feature seems in hiatus, so in lieu of that, I present Hyp/Arc's own Minecraft Monday!

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#2: The Little Town of Remedy

In Minecraft Monday #1, we bade farewell to "Alexander Province", the map I played through after the colossal Adventure Update of Minecraft. In this week's installment, you'll be introduced that map's successor, "Alexander County", and the story of the little town of Remedy, a village founded on suicidal peril, sinister clergy, and prison camp architecture!

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#3: The Disappearance of Father Scowell

Previously on Minecraft Monday, we explored the Little Town of Remedy from its inception as a prison camp up to its recent modernisation that made it slightly less gulag-y! Today, you'll be visiting a number of Remedy's prominent buildings, as well as learning about the Disappearance of Father Scowell…

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#4: The Villager That Knew Too Much

Last time on Minecraft Monday, we discovered that the priest of the Little Town of Remedy had vanished, and that another of Remedy's residents seemed to be communicating that he knew something about his disappearance. This week, we investigate the mystery and try to uncover the secrets held by Virgil, The Villager That Knew Too Much…

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#5: The Fire in Remedy

Last time on Minecraft Monday, we dug deeper into the mystery of Father Scowell's disappearance and the strange villager named Virgil who seemed to know something about it - who was later imprisoned for questioning. This week, we try to get answers from Virgil, and witness unrest amongst other villagers in the Little Town of Remedy.

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#6: The Remediation of Remedy

Last time on Minecraft Monday, I had to escape the little town of Remedy after burning down the prison, with its only prisoner still inside it - a villager named Virgil who I believed was responsible for the disappearance of Remedy's priest, Father Scowell - I ran to the north-eastern desert village of Medicine in an attempt to begin a new life away from the madness in Remedy. This week, we discover more about Medicine - and a major revelation about Father Scowell's disappearance comes to light at last…

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#7: New Platform, New County!

Previously on Minecraft Monday, we left behind the Little Town of Remedy in Alexander County and went on a summer hiatus. Now, Minecraft Monday is back - I'm here to show you guys around Kentigern County, my Minecraft world for the Xbox 360 platform!

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#8: A Trip to the Borgesland

In the previous Minecraft Monday post, I bade farewell to Kentigern County, a world that was rapidly approaching obsolescence because of the impending Build 1.8.2, which included strongholds and villages automatically spawning in new worlds. The next update, TU12, is rapidly approaching, and again will potentially make Minecraft worlds obsolete because of the inclusion of the new Jungle biome. And that means it's time to say goodbye to the place I've been since October last year - The Borgesland.

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