QUID is an interactive-narrative story I created in December 2012 as part of a university project, and can be played at Inklewriter, a site for creating and hosting interactive fiction and text-based games.



In QUID, the player takes on the role of a student at a secondary school in the UK. After noticing a poster for the school's LGBTQ Association, the protagonist attends a session of the association and makes friends with a number of people who also attend; the game then follows the protagonist as they attend classes, socialise with their friends, and even facing down a bully at the school.

QUID uses a number of branching narrative paths to allow the player to choose their own route through the story; this takes the form of who they choose to socialise with within and outwith the society, or whether they have a friend tell a teacher about an incident over choosing to take the matter into their own hands, and so on; these choices have consequences all the way throughout the story, allowing each playthrough to be personalised depending on the player's decisions.

There are a total of six main non-player characters in QUID, each of whom has their own unique personality and backstory that informs their identities and their actions within the story, as well as a number of minor characters who may also impact the way in which the player proceeds through the game.


QUID began development in September 2012 as coursework for a university module on Interactive Storytelling; the coursework specification was to create an interactive-narrative game focusing on a topic of the students' own choosing from the field of Games for Learning or Games for Health. My team - made up of myself and two other designers, Chelsea Toner and Suneil Rakhra - decided to focus on creating a game for exploring LGBT/Queer Identity in a way that was interesting and engaging for 13-17 year olds.

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